Build a store on a budget

It has been a long, busy month.

If it seems like we have been MIA (missing in action), I apologize.

Persnickety Prints has moved into a larger space of our building to facilitate more equipment, a classroom, and a photo studio. This way, we can offer you, our Persnickety friends more printing & creative options!

We are still at 44 West Center Street in Orem, Utah.
You can reach us at 801-225-7020 or 1-855-99PRINT. Of course, our online home is

With advancing technology, digital imaging, and social media; there are now more ways than ever to capture life as we live it.

Because we need to focus on upgrading digital equipment, I found myself on a tight budget for the store.
Luckily, timing is everything. Thank you to our local Borders for closing.

I snagged this large “cashwrap” just before they closed their doors.

We wanted our new photo lab to have a clean, modern look. This piece from Borders may not look so snazzy now, but wait until you see what we can do with it!

RC Dent Construction, a local premier construction group can make anything happen. These guys are unbelievably Persnickety too!

In no time at all, they had this place REVAMPED!



Watch out Ty Pennington!


Ta – Da!
RC Dent Construction goes above and beyond for their people.
Not only did these guys pick up this monstrous piece of furniture for me at Borders, but they delivered it to the store and set it up!
They sanded, painted and added custom cut aluminum sheets to the old wood planks.
Here it is again….. the Before and After….
If you ever need a project completed– these guys will take care of you!!
Thank YOU Scott, Brian, Jason, Christian, and the rest of the crew at RC Dent Construction!!!
I couldn’t have done it without YOU!