Baby’s First Year Photo Collage

12 photos on one 8×10″ print and it doesn’t have to be all about babies!

Ideas for collage prints:

  • 12 ways I love you
  • a photo a month
  • yearly affirmations
  • “brady bunch” style collage
  • child’s artwork
  • favorite quotes
Baby's First Year Photo Collage

Enjoy watching the changes over baby’s first year with a collage print! The Persnickety Prints 8×10 Circle Collage is a simple and easy way to display baby’s first year for others to enjoy as well. Great gift for grandparents to treasure forever too.

4 simple steps to create this photo collage

Step 1: upload images + select collage

Baby's First Year Photo Collage

Upload images and then select the collage design and print size. Remember, you can adjust and customize each template!

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Step 2: Add a title

Baby's First Year Photo Collage

you must be on a laptop or desktop computer to customize text

  • Select and activate the background
  • Select “text” on the left tool bar
  • Click “add empty text box”

Step 3: Choose font

Baby's First Year Photo Collage
  • Add any title and choose the font and size
  • You’ll need to add a new text box for each font style
  • I used “White Angelica” in size 20
  • Click transform in the text box to move and adjust
  • Be sure to leave at least .25″ of space from the edge for print

Step 4: insert pictures

Baby's First Year Photo Collage
  • Select “photo” on the tool bar on the left side
  • Drag images over each circle
  • To adjust photo placement, click on the photo and the hand icon

Add to cart and order your print! Be sure to save your design, access all projects here. Rename projects, or duplicate your designed template for the next child!