5 Winter Photography Tips

1. Use snow as a big white studio

Horses in a studio? Not happening. A field of white fluffy snow is the perfect alternative!
Capitalize on snow, go outside, fields of white are waiting.
Remove unwanted objects easily in Photoshop (content aware) or the Snapseed App (healing brush).

5 Winter Photography Tips
@goldiehawn_ | Alberta, Canada | Fence removed in Snapseed
5 Winter Photography Tips

2. Add a Pop of Color

My favorite shooting tip when working in white snow, add color! Bright colors against white snow adds contrast, plus another layer of intensity to a photo. Remove the kayak and the red jackets from these photos and they become average.

5 Winter Photography Tips
@goldiehawn_ | Lake Louise
5 Winter Photography Tips
@mattgalland | Utah | iPhone

3. Capture Emotions using burst mode on your Phone

Sledding, Skiing, Snow Angels … it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Be safe kids!
Snap an action shot on iPhone by tapping the screen to lock focus and using burst mode by holding down the shutter. Select the best shot from multiple photos.

5 Winter Photography Tips
@persnicketyprints | Utah | iPhone

4. Have fun with Shadows

Sun + Snow = heavy shadows. Avoid harsh shadows running across faces and intruding on your subject, instead, use shadows to mirror the subject creating interesting compositions.

5 Winter Photography Tips
@wbem89 | Canada | iPhone

5. use Light & Leading Lines

Be intentional with your picture taking. Look up, down and behind you, there may be a great photo moment that you’re missing. Flip your phone upside down and use the volume + button on iPhone’s to capture a different view from the ground.

5 Tips to Better Snow Photos
@innagolubets | Utah | iPhone
Take better snow photos
@Miss.Mirchi | Croatia | iPhone
5 snow photo tips

BONUS: Add Snowflakes in the mextures app

5 Tips to Better Snow Photos
@persnicketyprints | Utah | iPhone
5 Tips to Better Snow Photos
Added Snow in Mextures


Add extra snowflakes to your shot with the Mextures app > grit & grain > blizzard overlay + blending mode.

I hope these tips encourage you to try out some new ideas when taking photos in the Winter. Be sure to back them up and print a few of your favorites for safe keeping!