5 Ways to Ruin their Wedding Photos – Tips for the Photographer

I don’t mean to stress you out, but you’ve been hired to capture what may be the most important day in a couples life. Avoiding these common mistakes will save you and them from tears of regret.

Color Profiles

You’re confident with your dSLR and Lightroom presets, but what about the color profile? Industry standard is sRGB. Always deliver files to your client in the sRGB color profile. Adobe RGB and Pro Photo result in gray skin tones and flat images when printed in a professional photo lab using silver halide processing.


Oh, Crop

The default dSLR aspect ratio is 2:3 which prints a full frame 8×12. A standard 8×10 photograph will crop 2 inches. Shoot wide to be sure cousin Vinny doesn’t go missing in print.


Web and Full Resolution

When sending the Bride her digital photos, be clear on which files are for print. You know what web size means, but does she? Explain that sharing images on social media will compress the quality. Better yet, order prints for her! By ordering prints for your clients from a trusted lab, you’ll also know that your work will be showcased properly.

Poor Communication

Be clear on your turnaround time and deliver! Most bridals and engagement sessions are time sensitive. Don’t commit to a job If you can’t deliver when promised. We’ve also asked the Bride to not expect a 24 hour turnaround 🙂



It’s easy to make an image look nice at low-resolution on the web, but to make an image look great in print involves a whole other skill set. Add value to your session and give your client tangible prints! Many of your clients would pay for the ease of not having to do it themselves.

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This article can be found in the 2019 Utah Valley Bride Magazine