5 Tips to Posing Seniors for the Best Grad Cards

It’s time for Senior Photos!  We’ve compiled 5 Tips to Posing Seniors using some of our favorite supportive Persnickety Photographers … these tips & tricks also work for headshots for any occasion.

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1. Over the Shoulder

Whether looking straight into the camera or looking down, this pose captures the mood of the subject in a simple yet elegant way. It doesn’t have to be ultra cheesy. Turning the subject slightly with one shoulder facing the camera and a slight tilt with the head is also most flattering.

Graduation Posing for Graduation Cards

-Photo by Aubrey Taiese


2.  Framing your Face

Using your arms to frame your face is an easy way to draw the focus to your face. Use your arms in a natural way that feels comfortable to you.

Graduation Posing for Graduation Cards

Photo by Aubrey Taiese

3. The Classic

This casual classic look works great for Seniors. Shooting from above allows catch lights in the eyes and draws focus to the face. Add a prop such as a sports ball or a letterman jacket to personalize the shot. Notice Chelsea’s subject is also turned to the side & chin up. It may feel awkward, but the outcome is great!

Graduation Posing for Graduation Cards

Photo by Chelsea Peterson


4. Leading Lines

I personally love this shot. Boys aren’t the most enthusiastic when it comes to posing for photos. The lighting hits the subject perfectly on his face, his pose is natural, not forced and the lines of the stairs add interest, drawing you into the subject. The colors blend well together. If the subject were wearing a Graphic T, or something loud, we would have lost the mood of the image. Well done Andrea!

Senior Photo

Photo by Andrea Wagner

5. Perspective

Angles and perspective is more easily obtained when working with one subject. Laying down is a relaxed pose that looks natural but adds depth with the ground below. It’s also a flattering shot as gravity is pulling back (think facelift:).

Photo by Jessica Korff

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