5 Reasons Why You Need the Persnickety Box App Today

Persnickety Box App

It’s a System

Photo stress relief is FINALLY here!

We’re taking more photos than ever before on our mobile devices and doing nothing with them. Over 37% of users are not backing up their phone photos.
Persnickety Box solves this problem with a mobile app that’s easy, quick and doesn’t require tedious uploading! Simply swipe your favorite 30 photos in the app and close your box when you’re ready. A new box opens up each month.
A clean, white modern story box filled with REAL archival 4×4″ photographs arrives each month.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
persnickety box

Persnickety Box is inspired by my childhood photos from the seventies.

After all this time, we still use the same darkroom printing process. Archival + water proof prints proven to last forever.

The Persnickety Box app is a simple way to stay accountable and organized with our phone photos.


Enjoy the add on option of our exclusive mini album at a discounted price of $12. One album is available per box. Additional albums can be purchased at CTMH. The album includes 16 built-in high quality memory protectors™ for a total of 32 4″x4″ prints. Download a free journaling card for a starter page!

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Persnickety Box App
stacy julian Persnickety Box App

“I am using and currently promoting the Persnickety Box app to hundreds of students in my Photo Freedom 2021 course. I’ve even created a workflow pad that suggests Persnickety Box as a recommended step in an effective digital workflow”

— Stacy Julian


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