5 Solutions to Photo Overwhelm

I have so many photos …… I just don’t know what to do with them. Sound familiar?

This is one of the biggest problems today. We’re taking more pictures than ever, yet, we can’t find them when we need them, we aren’t backing them up, we’re storing them on social platforms and life is moving fast. I call this “photo overwhelm” and it doesn’t need to be this way!

Find what works for you, create a system, stick with it and start today. Don’t worry about the years behind us, we’ll get to those photos later- just start with today.

We’re all in different stages of our lives and documenting memories is not one size fits all. We’ve compiled a list of solutions to the problem, surely one will fit your needs!

1. Storyline by Heidi Swapp

Storyline is the no mess “kit” that includes full sheets to quickly jot down your story with words and photos. Coordinating kits include photo corner and beautifully embossed stickers. Just add photos! Available at your local Michael’s Craft Store or in our Amazon Shop.


2. Craft with Heart Subscription

Layout Kits with instructions delivered to your door.

5 Solutions to Photo Overwhelm

Craft with Heart is from Close to My Heart™  /  all the details here >


3. 6×8 Journals

Document on the Go! Customize a Persnickety 6×8 journal cover and choose blank inside papers, these aren’t your standard inside pages, we made them extra thick so you can add photos, plus it’s small enough to keep in your car or purse!

5 Solutions to Photo Overwhelm

More about this Disney Album here >


4. Story by Stacy

Keep it simple with 4×4! The Story by Stact system uses 4×4 photographs, making it easy-peasy to slip prints into pockets without worrying about orientation of the photos, they’re all square! The Story by Stacy line is also a great companion to our upcoming Persnickety Box ™ subscription (4×4 photos delivered each month & no uploading required)


5. Memory Pages

Persnickety Memory Page software launched last year. It’s a free drag and drop system (no photoshop skills needed!) to create a one page photo collage. Slide prints into any popular sized album. 6×6, 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 prints all for under $2 each! 4×4, 6×8 and other sized collage prints can be found in our collage software and can be used in all of the albums above!

12x12_memory page

So there you have it!

5 ideas to help you DO something with your photos!

5 Solutions to Photo Overwhelm

 Not into “scrapbooking” but you’d like to print your favorite photos?

Clear storage boxes from are perfect for you!