3 Easy Genealogy Photo Projects

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Here at Persnickety Prints, it is our mission to preserve memories and photographs for generations! We have a strong belief that we should always be printing photos of those we love, past and present. Photos can even have the ability to connect us to the family that we never got to meet, but who influence us and our families so heavily. Check out our 3 Easy Genealogy Photo Projects that you can do to grow closer to your family.

Printing photos of family creates a sense of belonging and love. So, in honor of National Genealogy Day coming up on March 11th, we wanted to give you some ideas and even some FREE downloads to make sure that your family’s memories live on for generations!

Family Flip Book for Kids

This amazing 4×4 flip book, created by Madison, uses 4×4″ press prints and photographic prints. They fit perfectly in our sister company’s, Persnickety Box, 4×4″ album! It is amazing for starting your young ones out on learning who their family is, and even introducing them to family they may not have met yet. 

Genealogy Flip Book
Family Flip Book

Let them flip through the book and learn who is who! Before put together, Madison chose to write down exactly what she wanted the book to say. This way, she knew whose photos to print and where they would be placed in the flip book. You can download the inserts for this flip book for FREE, here

Collage Photo Frame

Showcase your family’s generational growth using a collage, just like this one! This was created by Conlee, who created an 8×10 mounted collage with two photos of her grandparent’s portraits. Create your own collage here! We love the way this turned out!

Genealogy 8x10 Collage
3 Easy Genealogy Projects Collage

It is such a great way to remember your genealogy and the history of your family. You can even get a larger frame to show multiple generations and display it in your home. This way, your family can see where they come from, and who they are descended from. Accordion frames are another great way to display pictures side by side. Super cute and sentimental!

Family Interview Journal Cards

This idea is for those who love to journal! Maddie created small journal cards with questions and prompts to ask for family history interviews. Asking your relatives about their life is one of the greatest experiences. Getting to listen to them recount their precious memories and stories makes us feel like we can relive the experience with them.

Genealogy Journal Cards
3 Easy Genealogy Projects Journal Cards

Maddie was able to cherish every story she got to hear from her grandparents before they passed using prompts like these. She created these journal cards so you can have those moments and memories too. Order these as 3×4’s on our thick, press print paper, just like she did. Use double sided tape and put the journal cards into a custom journal and document your loved one’s responses in the journal. They are available for download here!

3 easy genealogy projects

We hope that these ideas inspire you to get involved with your family history and genealogy! We are very passionate about making sure that your memories will live on in photographs and scrapbooks for generations to come. If you try out any of these ideas, make sure to tag us at #persnicketyprojects!

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