2020 Covid Journal flip through with Sabrina Poole

Hi everyone, this is Sabrina Poole and I am excited to share with you my Stay Home Persnickety Prints journal. I decided back in April to document what was going on with my life and staying home. I ordered the Covid journal and went to work on planning out how I wanted to document our time during the stay at home order.

My Perspective

I decided on writing the journal from my perspective since many things changed for me. I became teacher, mom, house manger, coach and caregiver plus finding time for just me. It was a lot to juggle and telling my story was important.

2020 Covid Journal flip through


Everyday moments, memes, fun with my kids, my husband, self care, outside adventures and social media. These were the main topics I knew I wanted to include because they gave the best picture of my life at the time.

2020 Covid Journal flip through
2020 Covid Journal flip through with Sabrina Poole
2020 Covid Journal flip through
2020 Covid Journal flip through
2020 Covid Journal flip through
2020 Covid Journal flip through

Memes & quotes

Outside adventures were so important to keeping our morale up and making the day the best we could. Fresh air really does work wonders. Also, including memes in my Covid Journal was important because memes helped me laugh at the hard times and complete change of life. 

Another aspect I included in my Covid Journal were screenshots and saved photos from Instagram stories and quotes I found. I was able to pull these stories off my camera and Instagram and bring them to life in this journal. When you save a Instagram story that is just a photo, it will be decent resolution for small prints. This also applies to quotes I took a screenshot of. I loved that I could use technology to help me tell my story and document this unprecedented time.

2020 Covid Journal


I have put together a detailed walk thru of my journal on my YouTube, I share more details and all the ins and outs of my pages. I’m so thankful I choose to document our time at home and to bring to life these stories. I hope you enjoy my walk thru!

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Thank you for having me on the Persnickety Prints blog!  Xo, Sabrina

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