Vision Board Affirmations: Free Download

Create a digital vision board with goals and affirmations

vision board affirmations

Each year we get intentional with our goals. We create New Year Resolutions and Vision Boards as reminders of these goals. Use our vision board affirmations to meet these goals.

A vision board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of one’s dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation to attain goals. The beauty of life is that we get to choose our destination and the journey we take. Creating a vision board will help us stay the course. Thats why we have created for you, vision board affirmations: FREE downloads!

60 FREE colorful affirmations worth framing!

Vision Board Affirmations: Free Download

Learn more about how to get a vision board started, and to find more ideas!

Get started:

  • Upload any jpeg image that you’d like to use in your digital vision board
  • Choose the 18×24 or 24×36 collage
  • Simply select a photo placeholder and then click on the photo in your online album
  • Find all 60 quotes and affirmations in our software’s Art Category

Once you’ve designed your digital collage, choose to add mounting for a unique finished look. Your new digital vision board will arrive within 5-7 days. Display it and create the life you want to live!

vision board affirmations free printable

All 60 affirmations are available in our online software PLUS we’re offering the top 12 affirmations as a digital download for you to share online, use in photoshop or print at home.

vision board affirmations free printable
12 Free Quotes & Affirmations

We can not wait to see what you create for 2023! Share with us your vision board by tagging @PersnicketyPrints and using #PersnicketyProjects for a chance to be featured on our page! Get printing and reach your goals this year!

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