Prep Your Home to Host for the Holidays

Are you hosting a holiday party this year? Preparing your home early can help relieve stress and is a gift to your future self! For this reason, October is one of our favorite times of year to do a wall refresh. Come November, your spaces will be current and you will have more time to menu-plan and do other prep work. Here are our four tips for getting your space in shape for the season. 


A basic, but crucial first step. Consider the question, “What memories are important reminders for my family right now?” All family moments are precious, but your wall decor is prime visual real estate that serves as a reminder of your values.  We recommend prioritizing important milestones and what reflects your family’s current stage in life. For the rest of your important moments, we suggest safely storing anything 12×12 or smaller in an album or scrapbook – you are more likely to pull out an album than a storage box! Find a safe storage spot for the bigger prints, and enjoy the free space on your walls.

Revamp The Entryway

The walk-through space that guests use when entering your home is the perfect opportunity to set the holiday mood. Use your favorite decorations, spray a holiday scent, and display seasonal prints! This is a perfect opportunity to find fresh art in your chosen color palette and make a spontaneous design choice that will be a fun, brief reminder when entering and leaving the house. Easily fill a spare frame with our photographic prints or commit to a design you’ll love year after year and choose our ready-to-hang canvas prints.

Get your home ready for the holidays!
Image Via: Bless’er House

Refresh your Walls

To celebrate your family’s current stage in life, print your pictures! So often families will put in the effort to take the photos but won’t follow through and send them to print. Upload your pictures to your account– ordering is as simple as 1-2-3. We recommend choosing giclee enlargements for professionally taken pictures or acrylic prints if you want a more modern feel. Having current family pictures displayed in the home is wonderful for small children- it helps them feel important, valued, and builds confidence.

Family pictures wrapped in ribbons. Get your home ready for the holidays.
Image Via: Bless’er House

Plan Family-Centered Holiday Activities

 Thinking ahead and planning activities everyone can participate in will help your party be even more memorable. If your family enjoys a more formal get-together, conversation starters, write-in Christmas programs, or menu cards with a place to rate the dishes can quickly become a fun family tradition. Our press prints are a great choice for printing with these activities since the thicker paper will be easier to write on and not require a clipboard. For a more casual tradition, we love printing the entire year’s memories as 4×6 or 5×7 photographic prints and keeping them in a shoe box. Sending pictures to print is a great first step to memory keeping and you don’t need to feel pressured to sort or assemble an album. Families can sit together, pull out prints, and reminisce about what everyone has accomplished that year. Afterward, all photos are safely stored in a box and can be reviewed later in the new year.


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