64 Free Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

There’s enough to do on Thanksgiving day without keeping the conversation going, that’s why we’ve put together 64 free Thanksgiving and gratitude themed questions for you to use as conversation starters this Thanksgiving season.

You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn from your closest family or friends.

If deeper connections, putting phones down, and making memories together is one of your goals with your get-togethers these are definitely for you!

64 Free Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

The questions on these cards are based on gratitude – ideal for all ages.

Printed on our 2×8 photo strips and easily cut into 2×2 cards they’re vibrant and durable. Use them year after year and even expand your set by adding new questions along the way.

Beyond being conversation cards you could add them to your table settings, as journaling prompts, or as a neighbor gift. Maybe have your guests write their answers on the back and see if everyone can guess who wrote it? They’re versatile!

Make it the perfect, thoughtful gift by pairing a set of conversation cards with one of our custom journals.

64 Free Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

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We’ve got ideas for making themed conversation starter sets for Back to School, Girls Night, Roadtrip, Camping, and Disneyland. What other themes can you think of? Let us know!

We’d love to see what you choose!
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