Are you wrangling your family into getting updated photos taken? It can be a challenge, we know! Investing high quality photos of your family is always worth the time, money, and even some tantrums to get that perfect picture. 😉

We compiled a list of our favorite ways to use family photos so that you can stretch these pics across multiple print opportunities. Check out these five, fabulous options!

Make the most of your family photos with these print options:

1. Family Gallery Wall

A wall gallery is our favorite way to use family photos! They add warmth, love, and personality to your home. Especially when they are cohesive, all from the same photoshoot, your pics can make a great addition to any wall.

Go big with Giclee! Consider adding mounting to your pictures to create less glare, and add to a glass-less frame or hang straight on the wall! Mix and match sizes to create movement in your space, or take the minimalist route and create a symmetrical gallery. Trust your vision, and grace your wall with your family’s beautiful faces from your most recent photoshoot! Check out our Pinterest Pin Board for Gallery Wall inspiration and tips!

2. Family Gifting

Gift your pictures! Grandma will absolutely LOVE seeing her family’s smiling faces! Order a picture of her grandkids as a postcard and send her way. That will definitely make it onto her fridge!

Make a meaningful anniversary present by adding your family photos to one of our heart collages! Perfect in a frame or on the wall, these collages let you compile all of your favorite pics from your photoshoot. It is a gift they will love!

Make the Most of your Family Photos
Make the Most of your Family Photos

3. Framed Up Family

Want a more subtle look in your home? Create special moments around your home’s decor with small prints scattered around on shelves, tables, and desks in adorable frames! Fill with your beautiful, new family photos. Add more flare by adding art prints to some of your frames. It will add more character, style, and truly highlight your family photos in an amazing way. Find our favorite FREE art downloads, curated into gorgeous sets, here!

Make the Most of your Family Photos
Home Design by Morgan Litchfield Designs
Make the Most of your Family Photos
Home Design by Morgan Litchfield Designs

We are known for having more sizes than most to pick from! So, you will definitely find a photographic print size to fit your small frames!

Make the Most of your Family Photos

4. Stay Scheduled with Calendars

Use all of your photos and enjoy them for longer by creating a calendar! Set on your desk or hang on the wall, we have many options for you to choose from for your year! Don’t wait until the end of the year! Start your custom calendar at any month, and add specific events and photos to dates throughout the year!

Start everyday off right when you get to see your family when checking your schedule!

Make the Most of your Family Photos

5. Spread Christmas Cheer

It is never too early! We are huge advocates for sending out Holiday Cards, especially when you have such nice photos taken of the family. Find 10 reasons why you should send out cards, here!

Spread the Christmas cheer by sharing your family and the holiday spirit with those you love! Take a look at our most popular and newest holiday cards!

Print your Pics!

What matters most is that you do something with your pictures. Make the most of your family photos when you get them off your phone or computer and into real prints! Cherish and remember your family at the stage of life they are in by capturing them in prints to keep forever.

Tag us in your #PersnicketyProjects and share with us how you make the most of your family photos!