5 Reasons You Need A Custom Journal

Have you heard of the Bullet Journal craze? There are over 2 MILLION bullet journal ideas shared on Instagram.

The Bullet Journal® System (or BuJo® for short) was created by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer living in Brooklyn, NY.  It’s essentially a quick way to organize your life, your way. Watch his video here for a better explanation of how the bullet journal process came about.

The Persnickety Prints Custom Journal has been built with you in mind! Now you can design your own cover and inside pages to fit your needs!

Custom Bullet Journal

We’ve tested paper thickness, pens, and binding to curate the perfect journal. Customize your journal cover then choose your inside pages (blank, dot, lines). The ideas are endless and the outcomes are highly beneficial.

custom journal

5 Reasons You Need A Custom Journal

Flexibility– A blank or lined custom journal fits every person’s needs, so whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a student or a project manager, you can stay on top of your tasks. You might have so much to do in April while not so much in October, so you can feel free to devote more pages and space wherever you need it. (Most pre-printed planners already have a specific space and don’t allow that flexibility.)

Memory– Handwritten task lists aid in mental stability and organization. Plus, writing things down helps us remember. No excuses!

Therapy– Have you seen those adult coloring books? Same idea, coloring, and doodling reduces anxiety. Create a gratitude journal and cultivate a positive life every single day.

Goals-  We’re overscheduled and exhausted (at least I am:) Your journal will help with productivity and efficiency and pretty much be your best friend wherever you go.

Scrapbooking- Our pages are so thick, you can scrapbook, adhere, sharpie and glue without any problems. We’ve been documenting this pandemic with Covid Journals. You should too.

Have an event coming up? Need swag? Throw your logo on there and …. done!

Photo Journal? Yes please! Personalized gifts also show you actually care, so when that next Birthday, Teacher Gift, Back to School, Valentine, Christmas gift-giving time rolls around … you know where we are!