48 Daily Affirmations for Kids

The 2020’s have really mixed things up for us on so many levels. One of the things I really worry about is the long-term mental health ramifications of this pandemic period on my kids.

Whether you’re remote learning, in-person learning, homeschooling, or doing any other type of school we thought we’d share something that has helped us in the past and we’re really leaning into now with our kids as they’re getting ready to start another new “not normal” school year.

Each year I come up with some short affirmations for my kids that we recite together each morning to set the tone for the day. As their mother, I create these affirmations as I observe my girls and their individual personalities. I have one who has always been very outgoing and talkative with no social boundaries, and one who is a cautious social butterfly and needs regular time by herself. One who is incredibly optimistic almost always and the other who has regular bouts of negative self-talk.

So what’s the deal with affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that help release you from fear, negativity, stress, and anxiety. They can be a powerful practice that activates the reward system in your brain which can help enhance your self-confidence, self-worth, and sense of empowerment. If you are prone to negative thoughts or defensiveness you can rewire your mindset by practicing positivity through affirmative statements.

48 Daily Affirmations for Kids

Our past affirmations have been:
I am kind.
I am happy.
I am helpful.
I am a sister.
I am loved.
I can help make today great.


I am smart.
I am calm.
I can focus.
I am part of this team.
I am capable of great things.
I am an important part of this world.

We print these and recite them together after breakfast every day.

48 Daily Affirmations for Kids

My goal is to empower kids

Your 48 dailt affirmations could be anything you feel you need help with, something you want to fully embrace. You could print them out individually and stick them to your mirror so you see them every morning, you could keep them in your car, in your journal, by the front door. They can be kept in a locker, in a lunchbox, made into a notebook cover, as a bookmark, be the wallpaper on your phone, or the wallpaper on your wall with a collage kit. There are so many options to make this a daily healthy habit. The important thing is that you say these things to yourself regularly and that you take them to heart. If it doesn’t resonate with you, it’s not the right affirmation for you.

48 Daily Affirmations for Kids

3×3 Press Prints

Chari ordered the affirmations that spoke to her and her family as 3×3 press prints. She tapes them on her son Ryder’s bathroom mirror, drops a few in her daughters purse, displays around the house and husbands office computer.

A great way to show love and remind everyone in your home that they are stronger than fear!

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Create your own and package them up as a thoughtful gift. Think of those times in your life when you could have used a little extra reassurance – heading off to college, becoming a parent or making a big decision. These brightly colored affirmations would be great for bookmarks and your vision board too!

We’ve created 48 Daily Affirmations for Kids as a free download for you. Enjoy!