Wild Thing Party Printables: water bottle labels

wild thing party download

In my last post, I shared highlights of the Wild One Party we threw our one-year old son, Nash. Today I’m sharing free water bottle label printables for your wild one! I call them, Rumpus Water.

The labels fit standard arrowhead water bottles and can be used to replace any beverage label. Because Persnickety uses a digital darkroom process, chemical baths and lasers to embed the image into the paper,  prints are waterproof! There is no ink so the colors don’t fade.

Your download file is designed with 7 labels on an 8.5×11 sheet.  Add childs name, date, year or print them as is! Upload the full resolution .jpg to Persnickety Prints, choose photographic and then 8.5×11. I prefer the glossy finish for this project.

How to Use:

  1. Cut out each label

  2. Remove soda or water bottle label (leaving any left over sticky adhesive)

  3. Wrap label around bottle, overlap both sides and tape with one piece of glossy tape

Stay tuned for more Wild Thing Party ideas, I’ll be sharing decor and signs soon!