Why Silver Halide?

Silver Halide is a 100 year old dark room technology using light-sensitive paper and silver based chemistry, a process which has been constantly refined over time. Silver Halide photographic prints are one of the most archival forms of printing photos and preserving memories.

Why Silver Halide is the Best Print

Not only does Fuji Silver Halide paper stand the test of time, it also produces accurate skin tones, ideal for portrait prints. This process offers bold rich blacks, clean whites and an increased color gamut for stronger, brighter, more vibrant colors.

Why Silver Halide is the Best Print

Unlike some inkjet or toner based prints, Fuji Silver Halide is scratch and water resistant. Why? Just like film, the process uses emulsion and silver crystals to embed your photo into the paper. There is no ink or toner used.

Why Silver Halide is the Best Print

1 Minute Water Test: Persnickety Fuji Photographic print on the left vs. competitor thick matte “paper” on the right.

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper Offers the Following

  • Vivid Color Reproduction
  • Deeper Reds
  • Resist Fading for Generations
  • Clearer Yellows
  • More Natural Skin Tones
  • Lifelike Texture and Sharpness
  • More Brilliant Whites, Clear and Detailed Highlights
  • Prints that Stay Beautiful Over Time

Because of the light sensitive chemical process, silver halide prints cannot be “double sided”. We work with large light safe magazines and 100+ feet of rolled paper, both set up in a dark room. Due to the nature of this type of printing, silver halide paper does not come in a variety of paper “weights” or thickness.

Why Silver Halide is the Best Print

The best way to ensure that important images and prints are accessible well into the future is with a hard copy print, please be sure they’re archival and will last. Digital files can be stored in a cloud, but if a flaw develops in the file, or to the drive on which it is stored, or perhaps the formats become obsolete, the image is gone forever.

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