From Stay-at-Home Mom to building a Storytelling Empire

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In 2006, I bought a digital camera and learned photoshop where I created 12×12 scrapbook pages of my boys. Unhappy with the 12×12 prints, I set out to find a way to print better quality at a lower price than Costco, and Persnickety Prints was born.

I was scrappy and resourceful, taking out an auto loan against my car and maxing out credit cards that I would quickly pay off, Persnickety Prints and Persnickety Box are both self-funded, debt-free companies.

My childhood is documented on VHS tapes that I can’t watch.

I’m passionate about storytelling with photos and the archival process necessary for them to last. We convert your digital image and process it like film (yes, we have a darkroom) by embedding the image into silver halide paper (no ink!) that is fade, scratch, and water-resistant, lasting 100+ years. Technology evolves quickly. Like those VHS tapes, I’m not certain we’ll be able to read a JPEG in 20 years.

Print your photos!

“We’re not printing photos for today, but for the next generation “

— Chari Pack, CEO

How Persnickety Prints was born:

Persnickety Prints


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