Project 365 Photo Challenge

Welcome 2015!


365 days in 2015. We get to live each day only once. Wherever you’re at in life; the challenges, the ups and downs, it’s your story. Document it.

The goal of Project 365 is to capture a photo a day (no stress! Once a week is great too!).

It’s about experimentation and finding beauty in your everyday happenings, the good, the bad and the ugly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re shooting with a mobile device or dSLR, whether you’re brand new to photography or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s about the photo.

Project 365 is a journey, it’s about stepping out of the box (no more “posed” photos!) This is a journey of creative growth, a chance to do something that is uniquely you. Get creative and join me in 2015.

I will be posting photo tips, tutorials and inspiration throughout the year. There’s no right or wrong way to take these photos, the point is to step out of the box and document the story.

I promise, when you look back on your journey, you’ll be glad you documented it.


Photographer, Katrina Kennedy has dedicated an entire website called to this project.

How to get started

  1. Take the Kickstart Your 365 online class from Katrina Kennedy
  2. Make a plan
  3. Get comfortable with your camera and snap photos!
  4. Use the following photo prompts for daily ideas (from
  5. Get inspiration from others! social hashtag: #project365 or the CY365 Flickr Group


Let’s do this!