iPhoneography Series: Collect App


If you’re following Persnickety Prints on Instagram, you may have noticed a post or two showcasing prints designed in the app, Collect. The Collect App takes multitasking to a new level as we can now document our stories on our iPhone, anywhere. The card-like presentation of your photos creates the perfect record of each day.

Edit dates and captions, then print! Your photos are ready to slip into your favorite pocket style album.


Collect is an app for iPhone & iPod that helps people create a rich record of their lives by storing one or more photos every day in a monthly calendar. It was purpose-built for photo-a-day & Project 365 enthusiasts.

*Please note: you will want to purchase the $2.99 upgrade before you print & export the entire month (not a single card). Otherwise, your cards will have an uneven grey border. More info here

Collect_export2 Collect_export3

Do something with those mobile photos that you want to remember!  3×4 Collect Cards slip right in to the Project Life Design F sleeves.



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Annette Haring first introduced us to the Collect App early 2013. She has created the most simple, easy, beautiful albums.

Annette has done the hard work & created video tutorials, thanks Annette!

The Collect App is very easy to use. Click around and become familiar with it and you’ll be on your way to creating albums filled with memories too.

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