iPhoneography Series: Real Time Filters


Real Time iPhone Filters

I love Jack Bauer and the real time series; 24.

I have never once used any of the “real time” filters found inside of the native camera in my iPhone. They’re more of a nuisance to me than anything. When the filter button is accidentally tapped and I’m suddenly shooting in a “real time” chrome filter, I panic and want out! The big push with this Apple filter feature was the real time capabilities. Leave that to Jack!

iPhoneography Tip: If you’ve ever been lost in this filter tile and can’t seem to find your way back, remember it’s in the middle! The “normal” function will not reset unless you tap the normal filter.


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The real-time filters can be accessed by tapping on the button to the right of the shutter button. When you tap on the filters button/tile, it shows you real-time filter effects such as Mono, Tonal, Noir, Fade, Chrome, Process, Transfer and Instant in tile format. You need to tap on one of them and tap the shutter button to take the photo with the filter effect.

For me, I’ll stick to my 3rd party filters which we’ll cover soon in this series!

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