What if Family Photos didn’t exist?

Pictures hold our memories and tell our story.

Can you imagine what it would be like if family photos didn’t exist? How would we remember what we looked like? They are part of our legacy. It is fun to see the details, clothing, and places we went with those we love. We can pass down our family photos to our children and our children’s children.

Elizabeth Ashley shares her grandmother’s story and the importance of family photos.

“There is so much of my grandmother’s life that I’d love to share with the world, an Instagram caption would never be enough. Whether it’s learning more of our Pittsburgh roots or what life was like growing up during the Great Depression, which is something that is not often spoken about.

One of our favorite ways to spend time together has always been to look at photographs. It amazes me that even after 97 years, my grandmother still recollects the fine details and memories each photograph holds — where it was taken and why, along with the story behind it. With each photo, I watch as she is taken back to a moment in time.

My Grandparents would capture one anothers portraits as they set out on their dates, oftentimes taking place outdoors at Geneva or Conneaut Lake. They were young and so in love. (And seriously well dressed; they were my style icons!)

I think about this all the time: what if these photos didn’t exist?

Without these photos, I would never have seen the face of my dear 97 year old Grandmother when she was my age. I would never have had the chance to witness a love like the one my grandparents had. I would never have had the opportunity to look back on a lifetime worth of family history and memories.

Although my grandmother has always thought to document a photograph’s date and location, there is nothing that I value more than spending time with her in person, hearing about the stories behind them; from someone who experienced them firsthand.”


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