Facebook is Not Photo Storage (Part 3)

If you’ve landed here, you may have read Facebook is Not Photo Storage 1 and Facebook is Not Photo Storage 2.

Bottom Line: Facebook is a social platform. It was never intended to be used as cloud storage for our priceless memories. Social feeds compress images for various reasons, not only are there millions of images uploaded to Facebook every day, the feed must load quickly to retain the users attention. Facebook “Albums” are a fun way to look back on life and reminisce, but this should not be our go-to photo storage solution.

Now that I’ve educated those who may not be aware of this dilemma we’re having with the “digital dark ages”… I’ll show you how to increase your photo resolution settings for facebook before you upload your next photo. Keep in mind, increasing settings will only export a decent 4×6 print. Also, Facebook is very clear in it’s terms that they are not liable for storing your images!

Facebook and Instagram are not photo storage

change settings in the Facebook Mobile App

Facebook > Settings > Account Settings > Videos and Photos

change settings on Desktop

Create Album > Select High Quality

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