Documenting Disney with Stamps

Our custom family summer journal is filling up! Among the memories we documented is our trip to Disneyland. This trip was postponed back at the start of 2020. Now our first big family trip back to the parks is safe and sound inside our custom Persnickety Prints journal, where it belongs.

Documenting Disney with Stamps

The Journal

Persnickety Prints journals are affordable and so fun to customize! Choose blank, dotted, or lined for the thick, smooth paper that makes up your 6×8 60-page notebook. After that pick and add your own cover design. Use a photo you love, a quote, a piece of artwork, or your favorite solid color or pattern. Then sit for 20 minutes wondering who else you can buy one for because they’re so fun and affordable! Keep it simple and add a deluxe journal right inside of the Persnickety Box app. This journal includes a back pocket and window in the cover to show off your favorite photo. The thick journal pages absorb stamps beautifully.

Documenting Disney with Stamps

The Box

Above all the plan was to simplify the process of documenting our summer. In other words, Persnickety Box is the photo printing solution we can’t live without! Because a simple swipe in the app adds your picture to your box there’s no need to even upload your photos to a website. Simply and easily swipe 30 pictures, close the box, and you’re on your way to filling your journal with memories, no fuss. Your box of photos will be delivered to your doorstep in no time. Persnickety Box photos are all 4×4 and therefore all crop the same. This means you don’t need to rotate images or figure out which size to pick. Boxes ship monthly when you close your box (add 30 photos.)

Make the most of your Persnickety Box photos by creating mini print collages before you swipe and stamp right on the box!

Documenting Disney with Stamps


Gather up your favorite papers and tools and get to work keeping those memories!
1. Pick up a 6×8 pad of paper to make creating your pages really simple – the custom Persnickety Journal is conveniently also 6×8.
2. Embellish with your favorite stamps and ink. Social Paper Plan’s stamp sets, for example, are perfect for Disney-themed layouts!
3. Add fun touches, for example, make coordinating envelopes to hold your park tickets. We Are Memory Keepers pocket maker punchboard came in really handy to make mine.
4. Once you’ve created your layout post it and tag us! We want to see how you’re using your journal and Persnickety Box!

Stamps used in this project from Social Paper Plan

*save 10% right now at Social Paper Plan with code: SPP10

We’d love to see what you create! Be sure to tag us on your favorite social sharing site.

Laura is a small shop owner, branding designer, strategist, and member of the Persnickety Prints creative team. @ByBeaAndElle | @SugarGrenadeDesigns

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