Create an Interactive Birth Announcement or Save The Date Card

We’re obviously obsessed with the music player templates on Canva and all the customization and gifting prospects it has. Here are two more creative ideas that we can’t get enough of that you’ll want to take a note of. (See our previous post here to fill in any blanks.)

2 Options

  • Create a scannable Spotify code for a specific song through Spotify.
  • Create a QR code directed to any web page in Canva. The benefit of the QR code is that it can link anywhere – to a video, song, blog post, gift registry, a Venmo account, map, etc.
Create an Interactive Birth Announcement or Save The Date Card

Birth Announcement

Create an interactive birth announcement in Canva by adding the photo of your precious bundle of joy along with birth stats AND a special song with a scannable Spotify QR code. Upload your design and order a card, sold in packs of 25 and includes silver-lined envelopes. Choose from watercolor, pearl, matte, or linen card stocks to make it really stand out.

Create an Interactive Birth Announcement or Save The Date Card

Save The Date

We have everything you need for your wedding invitations and coordinating cards at Persnickety Prints, from invitations to insert cards, to photograph enlargements, photo strips, and of course the Thank You cards you’re going to need. Start by setting the tone for your upcoming nuptials by sending out a Save The Date card that shows exactly how you feel about getting married! Add a Spotify music code to your design to share a song of your choosing – will it be soft and romantic, or do you need everyone to know you’re Walking on Sunshine?

We’re excited for you to add some Spotify and Canva QR codes to your custom cards! Be sure to tag us on Instagram and use our hashtag #PersnicketyProjects so we can see!

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