The Best Personalized Gift for Coach

Coaches and Teachers are donating their time and talent to teach our children. Picking everyone up off the floor when things don’t go to plan, they do a whole lot more than we know. Showing gratitude for their hard work can go a long way in making their efforts a little easier and a lot more rewarding!

The most meaningful gifts come from the heart. A team or class scrapbook filled with kind words, notes from parents and kids along with photos highlighting the season will be something they treasure for the rest of their lives!

This Persnickety Prints will cost anywhere from $25-$50, (depending on how many photos you have). Split the cost with the other parents and you’ve got the most cost-effective priceless gift ever! Get started now.

The Best Personalized Gift for a Coach or teacher

Team Scrapbook Journal

The most meaningful gift for Coaches from the team!

We’ve tested paper thickness, pen bleed, and various bindings to curate the perfect journal for photos and words. These 6×8” journals are filled with 80 high-quality recycled 100# text papers. You get to choose from blank, lined, or dots. For this project, I would recommend the blank or dotted inside pages.

The Best Personalized Gift for a Coach or teacher

How to Order

  1. Acess free Journal covers in Canva here. Add personal touches like your name, date, and other details if you’d like!
  2. Upload the cover of your choice to your Persnickety Prints account.
  3. Drop the cover onto the blank, custom journal.
  4. Choose dots or blank inside pages.
  5. Add the journal to your cart, add prints while you’re there, and check out! Your order will ship within 12 hours.
The Best Personalized Gift for a Coach or teacher

Compile Team Photos

Gather and print photos from the season. Create a shared iCloud, Google, or Dropbox album. Send it out to the parents on the team and ask for photos to include in the coach’s gift.

Persnickety’s Prints don’t need to be “protected”. Our process is nostalgic darkroom processing, where we convert your digital photo into a negative and print your pictures in a darkroom machine. We don’t use ink. Our prints don’t need a plastic sleeve, they withstand liquids and fingerprints!

Once you’ve gathered all of the team photos, drag and drop them into your Persnickety Prints account. You can see all print sizes and pricing here. If you have an abundance of team and player photos, check out the collage prints. Choose the same print size listed below, and create a photo collage to include more pictures in one.

The Best Print Sizes for your Coach Scrapbook

(add a white border for a finished look)

The Best Personalized Gift for a Coach or teacher
  • 3×4
  • 3.5×5
  • 4×4
  • 4×8
  • 6×8

If you’re using the Persnickety Box app, it’s easier than ever to swipe photos right from your camera roll into the story box for 4×4″ photographic prints. Swipe from your team’s google shared album. Quickly edit and enhance photos in the app too! Add a photo journal to your box and you’re done! The Persnickety Box journals include a free pen.

The Best Personalized Gift for a Coach or teacher
Persnickety Box App


Once you have the photos and journal, keep them in your car or purse. During practice, games, (or tennis matches:) have parents, kids and players write their favorite funny moment from the year, thank you’s, encouragement, something they learned, or something they admire about the coach. For younger children, have them draw a photo or write it for them. Let them choose the photos they want and tape them next to their note. You could also dedicate pages to each child and have the photos already adhered and ready to go.

Scrapbook tape runners make it easy to adhere the photos. Remember, this scrapbook is about the messages and memories, it doesn’t need to be fancy or “perfect”!

This scrapbook gift will put a smile on your coach’s face…no matter the result of the game.


Fun, Fresh, Free Journal Cover Downloads

Download a free journal cover for Persnickety Prints journals. Your journal should be as unique as you are. Enjoy fun & fresh downloads.

Mini Prints for Planners and Journals

Get creative with mini odd sized photos. Add text anywhere, free graphics and overlays! 2×2, 2×3 and odd sized prints.