Baby’s First Photo Book

lucy darling
baby photo album

Do you have a baby book? My baby book has always been important to me.

I used the “Baby’s First Year” by Lucy Darling for my first baby’s book (you can read more about it here) and absolutely loved it.

Baby photo book

I chose the “Little Captain Memory Book” for baby #2 and it is so cute! Lucy Darling offers a variety of girl and boy themes to choose from.

Baby photo book

When it comes to the actual prints to add to your baby book, Persnickety photographic prints are the way to go. The print process doesn’t use ink, they’re archival and will last forever!

Baby photo book

I started by filling out everything I could before our little guy arrives. There are places to insert pictures and places to write important info.

I printed the ultra sound pictures as 3.5×5 and the square prints as 4×4’s and trimmed them down to fit. Most of the square photo place holders are 3×3 so I ordered them all as 4×4 photographic prints and cut down the prints when needed. (it’s complicated, but dark room prints can’t be smaller than 3.5″ or they get lost in the developer)

 3×3 Press Prints are thick stock, and they work great, but I still prefer the real photograph.

Baby photo book

I love the “photo prompts” in the Lucy Darling books. They help me document the details I most likely would’ve forgotten!

Baby photo book
Baby photo book

I’m excited to add these photos and fill out the rest of the book as our little guy grows up! I’ll be sure to share it next year when it’s completed.

Every Baby deserves a baby book.