Why I love Square Prints:

  1. I know I’m cropping my image, regardless of the ratio it was taken (see ya math! :))
  2. Pocket Albums are my favorite, and square pockets are all the SAME orientation. I don’t have to worry about horizontal, vertical, etc. It’s just 1:1.
  3. Gallery Walls for dummies – one easy grid
  4. They’re multi-functional, from displays to albums!
  5. For those who use your instagram feed (gasp!) as photo storage- the 4×4 square print will work well for you

4x4" photo prints

albums and page protectors

We’ve made a list of the best Photo Albums to house your 4×4″ prints. Grab one for a friend or the kids, they’ll enjoy creating something meaningful during this time of uncertainty.

12×12 Albums From scrapbook.com

12×12 albums + 4″x4″ pocket pages is a no brainer. I mix my 12×12″ prints and Memory Pages in with pockets of 4×4″ prints for a fun variety.
1 page protector holds 18 4×4 prints! (9 in front and 9 in back)

Use your stash to incorporate stickers and journaling cards to document your days.

4x4 mini Albums from Close to My Heart

This ready to go mini albums (Story by Stacy) are perfect for your 4x4" Persnickety Prints! Includes step-by-step instructions.

4x4" prints online
4x4" prints online

additional Albums that work well with 4x4" prints:

Take this time to be creative with the memories you've made with tangible photos that last.
We can't wait to see what you create!

persnickety prints