3×4 White Border Prints

Looking for the BEST 3×4 Photo Prints? You found the right place! We use a dark room process. No ink.

Darkroom? What does this mean?

We literally convert your digital file into a digital negative and print it like it’s film. Yep, stabilizer, developer, and a dryer. The same steps used when developing film, but a special machine with super powers does most of the work for us. The machine moves the print through each “bath” and then through a dryer. Prints smaller than 3.5×5″ get lost in the liquids and never resurface. They pretty much drown in there.

3x4 White Border Prints

Believe it or not, 3×4 prints are more labor intensive than any other print size we provide! It’s challenging to make the proper adjustments each day to align borders and make perfect cuts. 

Bottom line: they’re a pain to print and get right

3x4 Photo Prints

but, we do it for you 🙂 

Our gorgeous (and archival) 3×4 photographic prints are NOW available with a white border! Woohoo!

White borders are an additional 25¢, final price: 49¢ each.

Your mobile device takes photos in this 3×4” print ratio, so it’s the perfect print size for mobile photos. In case you were wondering, we shrink the image to add the border, the border does not overlay and cover the image.

Phew! I think that’s all of the printing details, now here’s how to order them:

How to Order 3×4 White Border Prints


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