2×2 Prints for Studio Calico Albums

When you spend thousands of dollars and months planning a vacation of a lifetime, you want to remember it! For my BIG 40th birthday, my husband booked a vacation/biking adventure to New Zealand. We’ve only recently been able to take time off and find sitters for our 3 boys. Vacations are like fine chocolate, I don’t get it often, and when I do- I want to consume every last bit. I was certainly the most annoying biker who had to stop and take photo after photo! Equipped with Go-Pro and iPhone, I was committed.

lochmara_resortOne week comes and goes so quickly. I made a plan. Before leaving on this vacation I finalized my decision to use the Studio Calico 6×8 Woodgrain Handbook as my travel journal. Photo pockets include 6×8, 4×6, 3×4 and 2×2 sizes. I shot photos with these aspect ratio’s in mind.



Roundtrip, we were on 6 different planes. This is the perfect time to organize and prepare images for print.

The small 2×2 pocket size is increasing in popularity. This size is tough to print. At Persnickety, we believe in archival photographic printing that lasts a lifetime. We use chemicals (like film) to develop your images. Photographic machines cannot process a 2×2 photo without losing it inside of the chemical bath’s, so we’ll need to create a collage of multiple 2×2’s on one print. Since all of my images are on my phone, it’s easiest to use an App. PicFrame is one of our favorite, and available in iTunes and Google Play. It’s 99¢ and worth every penny.

Setting up 4 2×2’s on one 4×4 Persnickety Print is the most efficient, leaving only 2 cuts to get the final product. The 2×2’s slide perfectly into the photo pockets. Here’s how:



Upload and order 4×4 Photographic Prints (50 or more are only 39¢ ea) online or via the Persnickety iOS mobile app. I prefer the matte finish (shown here).

Travel_JournalE-2x2Prints Travel_JournalF-2x2Prints

12 2×2 pockets allows for so many options! Because the size is so small, web screen shots print up just fine:) I found fun facts about New Zealand, copied and pasted them into the 2×2 size.

Thank You Studio Calico for creating such a fun product to document our memories forever!