10 Persnickety Journal Prompts for Summer

We all love those summertime feelings! The sun on your skin, the taste of sweet watermelon, and the high spirits of everyone around! It’s a feeling we cling to for the rest of the year.

The photos and memories kept from using Persnickety Box app is unmatched, but the photo journal ensures that every feeling is captured both through photos and writing. Use your Persnickety Box monthly pics along with your journal to make your summer last forever. Capture your feelings, events, friends, and thoughts to look back on summer after summer.

10 Persnickety Journal Prompts for Summer
  1. A photo that perfectly portrays my summer
  2. Something I want to accomplish or try this summer
  3. The nicest thing someone did for me this summer
  4. My favorite summer memory of all time
  5. Five senses of my summer experience
  6. My favorite summer song
  7. My favorite summer spot
  8. My goal for the summer is…
  9. My favorite summer food.
  10. A worry I am letting go of this summer is…

Keep checking back for more journaling prompts and inspiration for your Persnickety Box Journal, here on the blog!


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