iPhoneography Series: Mextures


 same photo filtered 2 ways in Mextures // Text Design in Studio

Icon-LowRes  Mextures

 Why I love this app:  Individual layers provide an unlimited creative process. Create your own Mexture or collaborate formulas with your friends with share codes.



Stack layers for blending effects // Move, hide, rotate, and adjust opacity of your texture layers, live results as you build // 26 presets are created from actual 35mm film scans from various cameras // Over 130 guest Formulas from 17 iPhone Photographers.



The various layering and “mixes” are never ending, but what’s cool about this app is the layers in each formula are all editable. Photography and light are subjective. When post processing; there is never a standard one size fits all action or preset. With Mextures, you can adjust each layer to best fit the photo situation.

 Quick Look at Mextures

 formulas // adjustments // editing


 How to Share & Import Formulas


  1. Open the app
  2. Click the formula icon on the bottom (here is where you can import or export formulas)
  3. Click one of your pre-made formulas (additional feature: tap the image to see the before and after effect)
  4. See a code on the bottom left? This is your formula code that can be shared to others and imported into their Mextures app (as layers- think of it like a sharable .psd file)
  5. Click copy URL to text, email, send to others!

Here are some of mine. Have fun!

mextures_formula2  mextures_formula1  mextures_formula3

Click here to learn more about the Mextures Features on their site.

$1.99 to download the app in the iTunes Store // android coming soon \\

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