When taking digital pictures, the aspect ratio (width & height ratio) is not always to the print size needed. Thus, cropping can be tricky.
With our online software, you can quickly crop your photos to match the aspect ratio of the print.
Instagram printing has been a popular option. When ordering these mini square prints, please crop your images to the proper “square” or 1:1 aspect ratio. You can do this right inside of our online software.

How to crop photos for printing

how to crop photos

At checkout, you may be prompted to crop one or more photos. Crop Option One is the most common, and less time consuming for you. It allows us at the lab to adjust your image the best way possible. If you are printing Instagram Photos, and your image is not square, please choose Option Two.

OPTION ONE- do nothing and trust us with your image cropping
OPTION TWO- crop manually in our software (instagram prints need to be square!)
OPTION THREE- keep the full image with white borders filling the empty ratio space

As always, email us with any questions! We are here to help!

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