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Are you a graphic designer or digital artist? Are you looking to be one? Digital Design is one of the most popular ways to be creative and journal life’s memories at the same time. Why else do we take pictures? Persnickety Prints is leader in digital scrapbook printing.  Why? Read on…

About Our Paper:
 Our prints stay beautiful over time. Advanced Fujicolor Crystal Archive Type II Technologies resist fading for generations. This is completely a chemical process, there’s no ink to run or bleed.  It’s improved professional base delivers superb, pure whites and bright highlights for enhanced clarity and three dimensionality. Fuji Crystal Archive is a resin-based paper that is noted for its unmatched archival quality. It has long been considered the finest color photographic paper available and is the choice of professional photographers and commercial labs. Recent independent studies by  Wilhelm Imaging Research show that Crystal Archive is the most fade-resistant photographic paper of all that are currently made, outlasting other major brands by almost a three-to-one margin. More about ourpaper.

Our Print ProcessNot only do we use the best photographic paper on the market, but our process is unique. We still use a dark room. Our software reads your embedded colored profile so your layouts will look exactly how you intended. Colors will pop and elements will look 3 dimensional.  Certified lab techs monitor each image that is printed, and a quality control team checks it before it is shipped. We are Persnickety.

Can you print my Digital Scrapbook Page?  We can print any flattened .jpg. If your digital software program can export a full resolution .jpg file, we can certainly print it! To find out if your file is full resolution; right click and look at the “image properties”. 3000×3000 pixels and up is ideal for a 12×12 print. Just like paper scrapbooking, you can use your Persnickety 12×12 print and insert it into your page protector and album to store for years to come!


Bleed:  Full Bleed= Edge to Edge printing.
 Bleed is hard to understand, and even more hard to print when the image doesn’t provide enough of it.  For single page photographic prints: machines allow for a slight difference in print sizes and alignments by overlaying your image over the paper to avoid processing a white border. The problem with this is you can lose a good portion of the edge of your layouts. If your layout has a thin border, the border can appear uneven or completely gone.
We understand your needs when you are designing your full bleed layouts. For this reason, our lab techs watch and align your borders the best they can.  Please keep bleed in mind when designing for photographic printing. 1/8″ is efficient. Read More …

Resolution: is a key factor to whether your digital picture looks good when it is printed. 72 dpi is great for web and mobile device viewing. 300 dpi is suggested for printing. Our online uploader will give you a warning if your resolution is too low for the size of image that you order, and even if you miss that warning- we will call you if we just don’t think it’s good enough. Did we mention that we are Persnickety?



100% Guarantee on all of our prints

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Frequently Asked Questions

GETTING STARTED:  Disclaimer: Digital Scrapbooking is addicting.

1. Create:  Use our Digital Scrapbooking Software to create a layout

2. Create:  Use any other Digital Software Program to be creative:

  • Picasa: Free. We have tutorials here.
  • Adobe Photoshop.  Try the 30 day free trial Here
  • Creative Memories
  • Scrapbook Max
  • Memory Mixer
  • Stampin’ Up- Digital Studio
 and many many more
*note: is not affiliated with any of these companies

3. Export and Save your completed .jpg file

4. Upload and Order from Persnickety Prints

5. Bonus: your uploaded files are stored at FULL resolution on our server forever. Free. To retrieve images back to your hard drive, right click on your file and choose the download option.

Your printed layouts will be completed by our professional lab techs within 24 business hours, and at your doorstep before you know it!

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