"As a digital scrapbook designer and hobbyist, I tried several printing places, both online and in "real life," and I found myself disappointed again and again. The colors would be off, or essential details on my layouts were trimmed off. Often I'd have white borders on my layouts, despite guarantees that there would be no white borders. I began to think all the bother of printing and trimming my own layouts might be worth it, just so they'd be exactly right. But then I found someone as persnickety as me. 🙂 I decided to give Persnickety Prints a try, but I wasn't holding my breath when I opened my first order. Imagine my astonishment when, as guaranteed, I found NO white borders. And the colors and clarity were PERFECT. I was sold, and every order since has been absolutely brilliant. I send my customers, my friends, and my family to Persnickety Prints because I know they won't be disappointed. And they'll get a smashing good deal!"