Molly aka Biograffiti

"I used to print my 8x8 and 8.5 x 11 layouts at home (I have a wide format Epson ink jet printer) until I discovered I could print 8x8 at Costco for much less. Then I found Persnickety Prints. Persnickety prints the sizes I need (including 8.5 x 11) for much less than it costs me to print at home and with far better quality than Costco (trust me, I have done a side by side comparison!). In addition to those benefits the quality of the photo paper and archival chemical processing of the prints @ Persnickety cannot be matched. Persnickety Prints is Professional Lab Prints (you know the kind photographers sell) for my scrapbooks at an affordable price and their service can’t be beat! I want my scrapbooks to last through years and years of abuse err, enjoyment. That’s why I only print at Persnickety (even my standard 4x6 prints!). I just can’t say enough good things about Persnickety!"