"As a digital designer for digital scrapbooking I love to tell people about the benefits of saving your memories on the computer. Everyone seems to say, "I want a scrapbook to display and to show my family, though. I can't do that digitally"...that is when I say "Oh, yes you can!" I am so glad I found Persnickety, because I can send them somewhere I trust and know they will get the best customer service and the highest quality prints ever!

They make sure every customer is completely satisfied. They also spend a great amount of energy on finding great deals and designers for their customers.

The first time I ordered prints from Persnickety, I realized just how easy it was. Then when I got my prints and the colors were just right...I was hooked. So much cheaper (and better quality) than the ink in my large format printer, too! Thank you, Persnickety!"