Scanning Services

Persnickety Prints
Persnickety Prints

Have your memories preserved digitally with our high resolution scanning technology.
We will convert your prints (8×10 and smaller), 35mm (color, BW or Slides) and Medium Format negatives to high resolution jpg format(2000×3000 pixels).
This resolution is great for file sharing, printing or adding to your digital layouts.

  • No set up Fee
  • No Batching, we scan every image by hand, one-by-one.
  • Digital Ice Technology
  • minimum level of noise, bright RGB colors
  • overexposed and underexposed negatives slides are adjusted

Digital Ice Technology

Our Noritsu QSS-32 series minilabs use light-emitting diode (LED) as film-scanner light source.

The award-winning DIGITAL ICE technology automatically removes surface defects, such as dust and scratches, from a scanned image. DIGITAL ICE Technology differentiates itself from software-only solutions because it does not soften, blur or otherwise alter any underlying details or composition of the original image. Instead, the patented DIGITAL ICE Technology works from within the scanner, during the scanning process, to provide users with a clear, authentic base image that improves the original image.