Printing from the Project Life™ iOS App


Project Life™ iOS Mobile App is now available in iTunes!

and… why you should print with Persnickety Prints

Can you tell we’re just a little excited? Why? Well, because we not only LOVE using the Project Life system ourselves, but the 12×12 Fuji Photographic Print is our baby. It’s why we created Persnickety. It’s what we’re passionate about. The Project Life Mobile App just took our 12×12 print to a whole new level.

In 2007, Persnickety founder, Chari Pack nixed her paper supplies and took up digital scrapbooking. With 3 energetic boys, pulling out the tape and scissors wasn’t happening. Chari took a community Photoshop course at Utah Valley University and never looked back. A few years later she had discovered that there was indeed a big difference in a professional 12×12 photographic print and a grocery store print. Archival longevity was also an issue. Frustrated with the high $10-$15 pro lab 12×12 price range, she was determined to find a way to make digital scrapbooking affordable and beautiful. After multiple attempts, crossroads and challenges, we now have Persnickety Prints.

Beautiful 12×12 Archival Photographic Prints are now only $1.99.


“In 2010, Photo Labs were closing. The digital world had arrived. We were ridiculed for starting a photo lab in a dying industry, but we knew our passion and stayed the course. Instagram launched, mobile devices replaced point and shoot cameras, and now we’re able to scrapbook in the palm of our hands. We’re growing fast and printing more than ever. To those who believed in us, thank you.”   Chari

What is Project Life?

The idea is simple: Photos + memorabilia + journaling together in an album – everything slips into pockets. No requirement to cut or glue or embellish a thing. And yet – the results are stunning. Project Life is back-to-basics scrapbooking at its finest.

Now there’s an App?

YES! We are now documenting our lives as we live it. Simple. Learn all about it here.

Then what?

That’s where we come in.

  • Once you’ve created your Project Life App Layout, Export (don’t share) > select 12×12 > save to camera roll
  • Upload and order from your computer (always backup your mobile images!) OR upload and order via our Free iOS Mobile App (Android coming soon).
  • Layouts are printed same day and will land in your mailbox within 3-5 days (depending on location)
  • Slip your layouts right into Becky Higgins 12×12 Pocket System.




These 12×12 Prints were designed in the Project Life App, then uploaded and ordered via the Persnickety Prints App. Printed at Persnickety Prints.


  • Prints are processed, quality checked, and shipped by real people within 12-24 hours of ordering. US Shipping is $5 Flat. International $12.50.
  • More about our Silver Halide Print Process HERE

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Guaranteed that you’ll be in love, or your money back.

– The PP Team