Create a 12×12 collage on your phone


I love documenting life through photos. Photos tell a story.
I’ve scrapbooked since I could glue, posed all of the neighborhood children for photoshoots when I was 10, and in the fifth grade, I took it upon myself to take photos, scrapbook and sell them as “yearbooks”.
Fast forward to 2013.

  • My kids don’t know what film is.
  • I don’t own a point and shoot.
  • My mobile phone plays music, records HD video, locates my favorite restaurants and shoots panoramic full resolution photos! It blows my mind. There really is an app for everything! In fact, I’m writing this post in the car, on my phone, inside of the WordPress app.

You’re thinking, cool, “what does this have to do with me“?
If you’re taking photos and like to remind the kids that yes, they did go to Disneyland once, listen up!
Mobile isn’t going anywhere. If you haven’t climbed on board, it’s time. Learn. Educate. Free yourself:) With mobile technology, we can do almost anything “on the go”. Is this a good thing? It can be!

Let me introduce you to a dear friend, Shelley Smith.  Shelley is a great storyteller who had nothing and created everything, on her own. Her DIY blog, House of Smiths, is one of the most popular DIY blogs on the web today. Shelley is just as funny in person as she writes. I can hear her voice when I read her stories, and giggle out loud.

Last week, Shelley drove over an hour to visit us at Persnickety Prints and to pick up photos she had ordered of her recent vacation to Mexico (snapped entirely with her iPhone).  Upon picking them up, we realized that one of the apps she had used to create a 4×4 collage did not export at the recommended printable resolution. Her 4×4 prints were a bit pixelated and did not showcase the vibrant colors of the Caribbean! (every photo editing app exports at different resolutions.)

What did we do?
Shelley pulled out her mobile phone to access the original photos. In less than 15 minutes she recreated new collages in Picframe, and added text using the app, Phonto.


Not only did the 4×4’s print perfectly, but we were able to print 12×12’s too! The colors were vibrant and sharp, and exactly how she wanted to remember Mexico.







Shelley sent me these photos of her finished pages tucked away in her album. Mexico is documented, thanks to her phone!


houseofsmiths02.jpgHelpful tips from the House of Smiths: