Mini Book FAQ

We’ve tested and invested in our pure binding equipment to bring you the most durable softcover mini book on the market. With a set number of 60 pages, we’re able to maximize production, and minimize cost then pass the savings onto you. Our 120# deluxe textured cover adds a high end value that you’ll appreciate. Persnickety Prints doesn’t skimp on quality, and neither should you.

1. Is there a subscription or membership fee to create a Mini Book?
No way. Never. We’ll never charge you extra to use our services. Your Mini Book is fully customizable.

2. How long does it take to get my Mini Book?
The book binding process takes 48 hours to cure. Rushing a book will only result in poor quality. Plan on 48 hours from when you place your order for your book to ship. Shipping times vary with the USPS.

3. How much is shipping? International?
Yes! We ship Mini Books all across the globe. We have standard flat rate shipping for all Persnickety Prints products (no suprises at checkout!). You may combine your Mini Book with your standard print orders.

  • U.S. Shipping $5 flat rate
  • International Shipping $12.50 flat rate

4. How do I create a Mini Book from my Instagram Feed?
Simply login to your Persnickety Prints account. If you don’t have an account, you can register here. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a link to sync your instagram feed. Login to your Instagram account. Depending on how many images you’ve posted, your photos will load and you’ll be able to select the images you’d like to insert into your book. Only one Instagram feed can be linked per online account.

5. Add images from Facebook, Photobucket or Flickr.
We’ve integrated plugins to all of these photos services. Login to your Persnickety account and sync up your images!

6. Can I start my Mini Book and come back later to finish?
Yes! This is why we have you create an account. All images uploaded to your account are stored on our server. Click Save. Come back to your books anytime to finish your project. Additionally, you may copy and duplicate a book to personalize it for someone else.

7. Can I create a book and send it as a gift?
Absolutely. Change the ship to customers name and address at checkout. Leave a note for us in the special instructions and we’ll pull the invoice too! You’ll receive tracking information via email.

8. What if I don’t have 60 images to fill the entire book?
No problem! Leave pages blank, tear them out or add handwritten notes when your book arrives.

9. Can I add more than 60 pages?
No. We’ve created a set amount of pages to maximize production and minimize your cost. We feel this thickness is ideal for the longevity our pure binding provides.

10. Is the Mini Book waterproof like your photographic prints?
Unfortunately, it’s not. Mini Books are a different printing process than our photographic prints. The image is not embedded into the paper, rather it’s layed ontop of the papers surface.

11. Do you recommend Mini Books for Scrapbooks or Memory Keeping?
This is a personal preference. We feel strongly about the archival nature of memory keeping and documenting. We want your memories to last, our photographic process is still far superior and longer lasting. The more the Mini Book is handled, the more likely a page can tear. Mini Books are perfect for gifts, vacation or event highlights, autograph books, recipe books, etc.

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