Free November Lightroom Presets

Launching November 1, noon mst


free lightroom presets

1. Amsterdam

Fix underexposed images in one click! Adjust shadows as needed.

2. Amsterdam Moody

The perfect moody tone for fall that won’t kill skin tones.

3. Inside Light

Removes yellows and increases shadows in poor lit indoor shots. Interior decorators, this one is for you!

4. Blue Skies

A light hint of a blue hue with low highlights and a bit of clarity. Great for outdoor photography.

5. NYC Lights

Hello Times Square! This preset will increase clarity and contrast for a popping good time!


All orders placed in November will receive a link with download and install instructions along with these 5 Free Lightroom Presets.

Download includes .xmp and .dng files for both Lightroom Desktop and the Free Lightroom Mobile App! Get them now because come December, they’ll be gone.


free lightroom presets