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PersnicketyPrints totally pulled through for me (as they always do) and the photos not only showed up in my mailbox quickly, but the quality is so good.
Becky Higgins // Project Life© Founder
"UPLOAD + ORDER PROCESS : The upload and order process was simple and didn't take too long (I uploaded 9, 12x12 images and 5, 8x10 images). I thought it was cool that their size options included 8x8, 6x6, and 8.5x11 - all great for digitally printed projects.
CUSTOMER SERVICE : Excellent. They emailed me and let me know that one of my files had been uploaded low-resolution and I was able to email them the full-resolution version before printing."
I'd definitely order from Persnickety again in the future.
Ali Edwards // author and designer
"The quality, the print size and delivery time (talk about fast!) is just wonderful. I also ordered photographic prints in wallet sizes..." read more
Amy Tangerine // http://www.amytangerine.com/
"I will be saving up my layouts to print with Persnickety.  The colors in the photos and the papers were almost perfect!!  I really was surprised at the differences from printer to printer and how many of them got it wrong.  Persnickety was really the only one that got it all right."
The Daily Digi // Daily Inspiration

"I had been hesitating in ordering from them because I have so many print credits through Shutterfly, but the last few times ordering through Shutterfly have left me super disappointed.  My photos were blurry, and the colours were totally off.
Now, I know that I'm no professional photographer, but I do know how to work my camera in Manual mode and I can take a damn good picture.  I was seriously starting to doubt my skills when I got my last batch of photos from Shutterfly....." read more

Mandy | The Almond Place.com

 "As a digital designer for digital scrapbooking I love to tell people about the benefits of saving your memories on the computer. Everyone seems to say, "I want a scrapbook to display and to show my family, though. I can't do that digitally"...that is when I say "Oh, yes you can!" I am so glad I found Persnickety, because I can send them somewhere I trust and know they will get the best customer service and the highest quality prints ever! 
They make sure every customer is completely satisfied. They also spend a great amount of energy on finding great deals and designers for their customers. 
The first time I ordered prints from Persnickety, I realized just how easy it was. Then when I got my prints and the colors were just right...I was hooked. So much cheaper (and better quality) than the ink in my large format printer, too!
Thank you, Persnickety!"

Deena Rutter // Digital Designer at Pixels & Co.

"As a digital scrapbook designer and hobbyist, I tried several printing places, both online and in "real life," and I found myself disappointed again and again. The colors would be off, or essential details on my layouts were trimmed off. Often I'd have white borders on my layouts, despite guarantees that there would be no white borders. I began to think all the bother of printing and trimming my own layouts might be worth it, just so they'd be exactly right. But then I found someone as persnickety as me. :) I decided to give Persnickety Prints a try, but I wasn't holding my breath when I opened my first order. Imagine my astonishment when, as guaranteed, I found NO white borders. And the colors and clarity were PERFECT. I was sold, and every order since has been absolutely brilliant. I send my customers, my friends, and my family to Persnickety Prints because I know they won't be disappointed. And they'll get a smashing good deal!"

Suzy aka SuzyQ Scraps

"I am 100% in love with Persnickety Prints!  My scrapbook pages are my creative outlet, my most precious works of art, because they are also my memories of my family.  I have tried printing just about everywhere with mixed results, even order to order with some companies.  With Persnickety Prints, I don't have to worry about mixed results. I get perfect prints every single time.  I can't even describe the level of excitement I experience when I hit "Order Prints".  I sit on pins & needles waiting for my prints to get to me.  Thankfully, I don't have to wait long. Pernsickety Prints has the best turn-around time of any other printer I have used. I love the way Pernsickety Prints packages their prints, too, AND the fact that the prints are waterproof!  One time my mail-carrier left my prints at the door in a rainstorm.  The box was soaked, but the prints were totally fine in their plastic sleeve. I didn't even need to test the "waterproof-ness" of my prints!  My prints are always perfect, perfect, PERFECT!  No borders, no bleed issues, completely color correct, no bent corners, GREAT prices, and FAST turn-around!  You can't ask for more!"

Meredith Cardall, Sandy, Utah // www.meredithcardall.com/designs

Dear Persnickety Friends,

I just receved my first order of 12x12 scrapbook page prints and just had to write.  When my husband brought the box in from the mailbox, I felt like a kid getting a Christmas gift!  I think my hubby thought I was a little nuts getting so excited about receiving some photos, but once he saw them I think he understood!!  They turned out gorgeous!!! I am just thrilled with the results!! (and he was duly impressed too! lol)

Your name is well deserved--every detail is perfect!  I can't wait to show my friends.  Up until now I've been printing my pages at home on glossy paper as 8x8 and matting them on 12x12 cardstock or designer paper.  That works pretty well, but these 12x12s are AMAZING!

I will definitely recommend you to my friends and fellow scrappers.  I first heard about youi through the Papers & Pixels publication you were showcased in several months back.  Your company sounded great and I finally got around to trying your service.  I'm hooked.  Won'talways be able to afford printing in this format, but for those special ones (like the Tinkerbell page I plan to frame for my granddaughter's birthday!) I'll always use Persnickety!!

Thank you so much!

Wendy B.
June 10, 2011
"I popped over to my WHCC account to check out the price and was surprised to see the 12 x 12 prints are $4.15 now.  Compared to $1.99 at Persnickety Prints, it was a no-brainer.  So I sent my order in and then I kinda forgot about it.  Two days later, I had a package on my doorstep!  I opened it up and was blown away by the quality of my prints!!!!  They are just as beautiful as the prints I got from WHCC and a fraction of the price!"
Kami, Designer, Owner at ScrapOrchard

"I am blown away by Persnickety Prints! They have incredibly high quality, the BEST customer service I've ever seen, extremely fast processing and shipping time and they really do pay attention to details and quality. They truly want you to be happy and they are willing to take the time to get your order just perfect, which means a lot to me.
In the past I had always gotten my photos printed locally and never considered the idea of ordering them online. I'm so glad I gave it a try! I didn't realize how low quality my local prints were until I sent the same pictures to Persnickety. Such a huge difference! The quality, lighting, colors, even the cropping was 100% better on the Persnickety prints.
I'm completely sold and will never print anywhere else. Photos are really important to me. They're something I will have forever, so I want the best of the best. After trying so many different printers, I can never go back to anything else.
I love Persnickety!"

Leelou // Leelou Blogs

"I used to print my 8x8 and 8.5 x 11 layouts at home (I have a wide format Epson ink jet printer) until I discovered I could print 8x8 at Costco for much less.  Then I found Persnickety Prints.  Persnickety prints the sizes I need (including 8.5 x 11) for much less than it costs me to print at home and with far better quality than Costco (trust me, I have done a side by side comparison!).  In addition to those benefits the quality of the photo paper and archival chemical processing of the prints @ Persnickety cannot be matched.  Persnickety Prints is Professional Lab Prints (you know the kind photographers sell) for my scrapbooks at an affordable price and their service can’t be beat!  I want my scrapbooks to last through years and years of abuse err, enjoyment.  That’s why I only print at Persnickety (even my standard 4x6 prints!).  I just can’t say enough good things about Persnickety!"

Molly aka Biograffiti
Lucky Wife and Mama to 1
Stay-Up-All-Night Scrapbooker
& Digiscrap Designer @ OSCRAPS.com



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